Want to hear from current parents and students? Play the videos and hear for yourself!



Want to hear from current parents and students? Play the videos and hear for yourself!

At Cornerstone Charter Schools, our broad and beloved community keeps getting broader. And Students, Parents, Educators, Friends, and Partners have some wonderful things to say about our schools. If you have a story or comment to share, please Email Us.


“I am absolutely convinced that Washington-Parks Academy is a great school for my son. He is a 4th grade honor student with strong work ethics. My son has had the pleasure of being involved in many programs at Washington-Parks. The biggest thing I can tell you is that big changes are ahead, wherever our children go to school. I have found that in Cornerstone Schools, the kids are required to take control of their own education and progress, and because of that at least in my experience, they grow so much faster. I get compliments all the time on my son and his attitude toward school.”

— Aschandria Fisher, WPA Parent

“From what I’ve seen so far the curriculum at LKA is phenomenal! It’s absolutely more than I expected and I am very pleased with what I have seen so far.”

— Christina M. Williams, LKA Parent

“This is my first year at Washington-Parks and I absolutely love it. The moment I walked in the door, I felt welcomed. The Principal is a very loving individual. When you talk with him, you feel like you’ve known him for years. The teachers are very concerned with not only the children’s learning, but also their well-being. My children’s teachers are the best! I am very happy about the decision I made to become a part of the Washington-Parks family and I am looking forward to an EXCELLENT school year!”

— Mrs. NaKisha Tillman-Barber, WPA Parent

“The school is a great place and it has helped my child learn at the level she is currently at and makes it easy for her to understand. I think there are many opportunities for her there. The small group learning is a great idea and it allows the teacher and student to communicate more and give each student more time to learn.”

— Richelle Brown, Cornerstone H+THS parent

“What do I like best about my child’s school? Quality education is provided. Teachers are very approachable and genuinely concerned about children succeeding and working with the parents to ensure success. Mr Cairo is fully engaged and passionate about the school, the students, and the staff. We are fortunate to have him.”

— Christi Tracey, WPA Parent

“The teaching staff and administration staff are very involved. They are approachable and very dedicated to the growth and well-being of the students. It is evident that they truly love the children and have their best interests at heart.”

— MCA Parent