Our passion is to ensure our children succeed in life.

Our expectation is excellence, and our goal is to change lives. At Cornerstone Charter Schools, we treat our students as valued customers and are committed to delivering an experience where students are excited to learn.

At CCS, we feed both the brain and the heart, building competency and character in harmony. We provide an environment of safety and respect, where students can shine.

Cornerstone Charter Schools provides a turnkey solution for the operation of public school academies. We specialize in creative educational programming that focuses on the concept that learning comes from passion. It’s a process that is constantly evolving to mirror educational, individual and societal shifts. We provide a high-tech, engaging learning experience designed to help children excel on all levels.


We were created with a foundation based on a model of success: 20 plus years of educational excellence established by the Cornerstone Schools Association.

Read More About Our History

In 1990, Detroit Cardinal Adam Maida gave a speech to the Detroit Economic Club. He asked the community to help build cornerstones for the city. One cornerstone was to be a Christ-centered schooling alternative that would provide the children of Detroit with access to a high-quality education. Twenty plus years later, the fact that Cornerstone Schools Association was named the #1 primary school by Excellent Schools Detroit speaks to a vision fulfilled. In fact, CNN featured us in a segment entitled, “How One School Gets It Right.” This success was translated to a subsequent effort, namely, Cornerstone Charter Schools.

Our Charter Schools are grounded in the same unwavering purpose Cornerstone was built on – to make possible an excellent education for the children of the city, based on a foundation that includes integrity and good character that prepares for a fulfilling life and leadership. In their first year as charter schools, both of our Cornerstone Charter Academies were named in the top 10 by Excellent Schools Detroit. We also opened two more Cornerstone Charter Schools in 2012, including our high school, to bring the CCS experience to even more children.

We are committed to integrating new ways of delivering academics to ensure student success. Every aspect of education is exemplified with a student-centric focus right down to the infrastructure of the buildings and Blended Learning Labs. At Cornerstone Charter Schools, attention to detail is an ongoing process. In this way, we can consistently prepare every child who walks through our doors with an excellent education for today’s changing landscape.

Cornerstone Charter Schools is evolving and transforming in lock-step with our world to meet the needs of each child we have the honor of serving. We are actively Charting A Better Course For Detroit’s Youth.