Cornerstone Makes Change from Extended Year to Extended Day

2016 EXTENDED DAY Website Slider
We are excited to share news of the upcoming changes to the Cornerstone academic calendar. After feedback from our teachers and an analysis of student data, Cornerstone underwent an extensive review of the current Extended School Year (ESY) model. We surveyed and spoke with numerous parents and teachers to understand the impact of the ESY program. At the same time, we studied other models of high performing schools from across the country to compare our approach and results. We are committed to preparing our students to succeed in a global community and in life, and after significant review of the information, we have decided to modify our school calendar to an extended day program, and no longer an extended school year. This will allow Cornerstone to recruit and keep our best teachers and provide higher quality extended time to students.

Key Components:

  • Extra 40 minutes each school day for core academic subjects
  • Longer summer break with the opportunity for camps, internships, and other opportunities
  • Summer school offered at all campuses beginning in 2017

We are making this change for a few critical reasons:

  • Based on your feedback and research, we believe that shifting the extended learning time from a longer school year to a longer school day will allow us to enhance the quality of instructional time that our students receive.
  • Even more than time itself, the greatest impact on a student’s achievement is the quality of the teacher at the front of the classroom.
  • Third, by making this shift, students in K-8 who may be behind in core subjects will be offered a summer school program to help them continue learning. High school students who need credit recovery will take summer classes, and high school students can also use the extra time for enrichment programs or internships.

We are committed to partnering with you through this change to make sure that these and other concerns are addressed. Your children’s interests are at the heart of this decision, and we believe it will help us continue our commitment to delivering high quality teaching and learning. We are excited to continue this journey together.

Please go to for more detailed information, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. We are working on finalizing our weekly schedules for next year as well as the specifics around the summer school program. We will continue to provide more information in the coming weeks and months, so please look out for future communications and periodically check the website.

If you have feedback or concerns you’d like to share, please call our offices at 248-439-6228 or email us at